Product Development is our heartbeat

David Wood Baking currently produces a range of quality frozen 'bake off' and craft bakery products from six sites around the UK. And we’re not afraid to show off what we do… all the produce you see photographed on this site are our products.

Our sweet range includes Small and Large Fruit Pies, Crumbles, Mince Pies
(short crust and puff
pastry), Fruit Puffs and ready-to-prove Hot Cross Buns. Our experienced development chefs are constantly working to
bring innovation to the market place in sweet products and enhance what our customer offer.



We produce a wide range
of quality Artisan speciality breads and rolls. Our signature product is our hand-crafted Ciabatta and we also hand-shape and
top some of the finest Focaccia products in
the UK market. Our developers continue
to raise the bar with its innovation in flavour and consumer trends.



Our savoury range, made
at two of our key bakeries, includes products such
as Pies, Pasties, Slices, Sausage Rolls and
Savoury Turnovers, all of which are made to customers’ specific requirements. All products are supplied through a sophisticated frozen supply chain and are category leading in quality and taste.



We manufacture a wide selection of craft bakery products including
Scones, Muffins, Gingerbreads and Cakes.
Our products are showcased in national fuel and transport customers and have been developed as a thaw and serve range that delivers not only visually, but also in terms of taste
and texture as well.



We have recently
introduced a selection of Frozen Ready Meals with rice or pasta to the capabilities we can offer our customers. Our development team has focused on depth of flavour and quality spice influences to provide consumers with restaurant quality food at
a convenient and sensible price at home.







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